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Blog posts August 2009

Having a 'bad fat' day

August 16, 2009

With no pun intended at all, I've been grappling with some extra weight and subsequent issues, thanks to sitting on my butt since April.   I finished school, unsucessfully looked for a job and spent a LOT of time with Gabe.  We go for daily walks but…

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Food, fat and feminism

August 8, 2009

Fat acceptance and feminism, I've realized, go hand in hand.  The bodily autonomy to look and dress a certain way, despite your size, is directly tied into the bodily autonmy women are also fighting for when it comes to sex, fashion and reproduction.…

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Obligatory introductory post

August 6, 2009

Roughly a year and a half ago I stumbled upon the Fatosphere from a friend's blog and have been an avid reader since.  The possibility of self acceptance was a gift after a lifetime of subtle and not-so-subtle comments about my weight, and at the tim…

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