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My ass is not of federal importance

April 21, 2011

For my non-Canadian readers, you may not have known Canada is looking at an election in just 10 days. On May 2nd I'm really hoping the Conservative, contemptuous of Parliament, Bush back-scratching and bootlicking government will be GONE and replaced…

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Seen on Facebook

April 10, 2011

From my friend's wall this morning: "Being fat is nature's way of saying, "You're so good, I think I'll make more of you!"  With a lot of *likes*. I have the best friends.

In other news, I'm sick again with a chest cold but I have an upcoming job wi…

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System Crash: Shut down or reboot?

April 4, 2011

So there's a lot going on in JeninCanada-land lately; it's the end of the semester, the end of my attempt to get my CESD certificate, job-finding time and planning a HUGE move time.  Added to this is Gabe being super demanding and my hubby getting re…

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Don't be a Dick

April 1, 2011

Hi folks, it's been a while.  Today's post is brought to you by Bitch Magazine.

I've always been a rosy-glasses kind of person, trusting,  hopeful, seeing the best in people or situations even when things seem rotten.  Most of the time I'm not disa…

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