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Blog posts August 2011

From My Inbox

August 31, 2011

Yesterday I recieved a lovely email from a woman named Emma. She's apparently been following my blog for a while (Hi, Emma! *waves*) and sent me the following link: 11 Important Ways Colleges are Fighting Eating Disorders. It's pretty awesome and I'm…

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Mega Monday

August 29, 2011

Good Monday, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend; we did! There was some 'oh gods it's too hot' but Pagan Pride on Saturday was really fun and on Sunday we went back to Neck Point for a swim and then to a bbq hosted by Ry's work. Friday though, I …

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A Foxy Epiphany

August 26, 2011

Carolyn, if you missed Tuesday's post, is F&NA's new co-blogger, taking over on Fridays. This is her first post. Trigger warning for diet & weight loss talk!

Seriously folks. It was epic. In my last several conversations with Michelle we have been d…

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I Wish You Many Fat Babies*

August 25, 2011

Unless of course babies aren't what you're into, in which case I wish you other form of prosperity. Check out my post today at Fierce Fatties about the happy, chubby babies and their long, healthy lives. Tomorrow; Carolyn! Have a great weekend! What …

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Food Fights or How to get a 5 yr old to eat dinner

August 23, 2011

The post for Wednesday was supposed to be one highlighting a BBC news article linking birthweight to lifelong health problems but I'm ranting instead. The BBC article will go up Thursday here and at Fierce Fatties and Carolyn is posting Friday.

Ry wa…

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Welcome, Carolyn! She's Fat and Not Afraid Too!

August 23, 2011

Hi everyone! In light of the new job and less time to write, and thanks to the beauty of the interwebs, Fat and Not Afraid is proud to introduce Carolyn, a new Friday blogger! Carolyn and I have had a lovely time getting to know each other over MSN s…

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Meet Hanae from Red String! She's 'fat'.

August 21, 2011

As I mentioned last Monday, I discovered a very nifty online comic named Red String and spent most of last weekend reading through several years of archives. It's a wonderfully written comic, nicely drawn, with characters who react and think and live…

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It's Saaaaturday! Life update

August 20, 2011

It's Saturday, still technically morning for me, and the beginning of 3 whole days off with the hubs. *squee* We haven't had this much time together since the move-in, and that was kinda stressful due to unpacking and setting things up, etc. He had a…

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LaNiyah Bailey: In Her Own Words

August 19, 2011

If you'd like to read an inspirational story about a young black girl standing up to bullying, head on over to Fierce Fatties today! LaNiyah Bailey is her name, she's six and she's written a book.

You may notice that the header is looking funny toda…

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Working and working

August 18, 2011

The good news: I have a job! I'm now gainfully employed again! I don't start until August 29 but that's alright, it'll give me time to enjoy the rest of the summer, do tarot at Pagan Pride next weekend, and other fun stuff.

The not so good is that I…

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Update from BabyCenter!

August 16, 2011

Goodafternoon (or evening, depending on your time-zone!). I just checked my email today and have recieved the following reply from the Senior Editor at BabyCenter!!

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks so much for your thoughtful and informative message. I must ad…

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EOSS: BMI alone is not a good indicator of health!

August 16, 2011

Yesterday morning Dr. Sharma couldn't stop tweeting links to a couple of studies that have come out highlighting the awesomeness of his EOSS diagnostic criteria vs. what doctors have been using for overweight patients (which was "Your BMI is too high…

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Skin and Bones: Commenting on Thin Bodies

August 14, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, Gabe is thin. He's the opposite of me and Ryan when we were kids; both of us were chubby (and adorable, might I add!). Gabe is not the only thin person in my life; some of my best friends are very small, and of course …

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Body Image Advice from BabyCenter

August 12, 2011

About once a week, maybe less often, I get an email from Babycenter.com that lets me know whereabouts Gabe should be when it comes to socialization and other things. Today's main entry focused on body image. Honestly, my first reaction was "Oh boy, t…

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Yoga Standing Poses and Being Fat

August 11, 2011

This post may be triggering to some readers as I talk about doing what some consider exercise.

Tonight I threw in my hubby's Power Yoga dvd and did a 20 minute set of standing poses. I've loved yoga as a form of movement, meditation and checking in …

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Yay! Back on the Feed!

August 10, 2011

Many thanks to Bri for fixing whatever was wrong! Please check back and see what's been posted: 5 yr olds are going for eating disorder treatments, my blogiversary was last weekend, a friend went to see a real asshole MRI tech and got some fat hate a…

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5 yr olds going for eating disorder treatments

August 9, 2011

This just in: Our* fucked up relationship with food and health is having a definite trickle down effect on our kids. The Victoria Times Colonist is reporting this morning that kids under 10 have seen a spike in treatment for eating disorders like ano…

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Not 'Feeding' the Fatosphere?

August 8, 2011

Goodmorning peeps! For some reason my posts aren't showing up in the Fatosphere feed so if you missed my blogiversary or my friend's trip to the asshole MRI tech, please read back a bit. I think I might curl up with "The Fat Chick Works Out" today an…

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Happy Blogiversary! Average <--> Fat

August 5, 2011

Yesterday's post about my friend's visit to the MRI machine got me thinking about all the ways in which I still have thin privilege, even though I identify as a fat woman. I get the 'But YOU'RE not fat!" comments, can still fit in booths at restauran…

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Fat Friend goes for MRI, gets Verbally Abused

August 4, 2011

Trigger warning for anti-fat rhetoric, fat hate, hospital visit

A couple I know, M and E, had to go to the hospital yesterday in the town I used to live in. E, who is already deeply uncomfortable of the MRI, is fat. So is her partner, M. E had been m…

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