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Fat Athletics Clothing Fail

May 30, 2012

You may or may not have noticed a couple of new buttons in my lower side-bar; Hybrid RastaMama and A Little Etsy Love. As I commented on my last post there for the blog carnival, I’m *really* glad I started reading HRM because we’re learning a lot…

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Blog Carnival: I AM Mom! Enough!

May 28, 2012
Welcome to the I Am Mom! Enough! Carnival hosted by Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama and Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children.
This Carnival is dedicated to empowering ALL parents who practice and promote and peaceful, loving, attac…

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Happy Friday!

May 25, 2012

My last post/conversation on Facebook is still generating conversation which is awesome, but what's not awesome is more people jumping on the 'but you can't deny that our food is garbage now and kids run around less than they did before!' bandwagon. …

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Facts are Bullshit

May 24, 2012

Who needs facts when you've got prejudice and 'common sense' on your side? Obviously not this guy. Trigger warning for diet and weight loss talk, classism and fatphobia. A conversation courtesy of an image on Facebook on a friend's wall. The D00D is …

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TMI Tuesday

May 22, 2012

Oh my gods my belly is getting big. I can barely see my feet anymore, my toenails need paint, shaving my legs is down to a once a week chore, and basically forget about my bikini area. That's the real down-side of being pregnant in the summer; trying…

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A Little Friday Love

May 18, 2012

Ryan showed me this animation last night and I just loved it. Enjoy, happy Friday and to my Canadian readers, happy Victoria Day weekend!

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Birthday Ramblings

May 17, 2012

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. It's been quite a long and interesting year! Last year Ryan was here in Nanaimo, I was still in the Soo. That was pretty difficult. Still, I celebrated as I had the last many years with my unbiological sister and all o…

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Hodge Post

May 16, 2012


      Bits and Bobs

  •   Shakesville's very own Liss has a fantastic post up today titled Big Fat Love. You should go read it as soon as you can because it's really that good.  
  •   Are there any fellow fatties (or pregnant ladies) dealing…

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Perils of Propaganda

May 14, 2012

 Guest post by FatFox!

"The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it."  Joseph Goebbels


Before I began wr…

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Serenity Now

May 12, 2012

The last two weeks around the house have been amazingly stressful. A wonderful house to move into fell through, our landlord is being, in our opinions, unreasonable, our property manager is uncommunicative and frankly we just don't want to move out o…

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Action Item

May 9, 2012



Kathleen Parker needs some facts and info. Stat.

This garbage nightmare of an opinion piece appears in the Washington Post. Strong trigger warning for fat shame/hatred and diet talk. She's alarmed at a new report out suggesting that the numb…

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Driving Makes You Fat

May 7, 2012

Driving not only makes us fat, but also costs the USA a BILLION DOLLARS extra a year! Did you know that? I didn't, not until my sister helpfully pointed me at some news articles she had read, knowing I would read them, have my head explode, and then …

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95% chance of ...

May 2, 2012

Spoke with my midwife this morning and the forecast for August is a 95% chance of GIRL arriving!

This somewhat conveys my excitement. <3 We've got a name chosen, Katherine Violet, and a request out already to family and friends not to inundate us wit…

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Happy Beltane!

May 1, 2012

I completely love this song; the energy of it, the lyrics, the sentiment behind it, it's all SPRING in a song (and much more appropriate for the blog another one I was going to post.)  Enjoy! May the joy and harmony of the season touch each and every…

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