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Blog posts July 2012

Distracted to the Extreme

July 31, 2012

I have little if nothing to say at the moment about FA or HAES. Apparently my last two week marathon of posting nearly every day has done me in! Increasingly I'm distracted with baby related things; midwife appointments, baby items coming into the ho…

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Listening to our Bodies

July 27, 2012

Yesterday was a rough day (that'd be Thursday). Wednesday night me and the hubs didn't get enough sleep at ALL so all day we were dragging our butts. After the babysitter left Ryan went to get changed out of his heavy work clothes and ended up having…

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Wacky Wednesday: Uter-Zone!

July 24, 2012

I stumbled upon this fake weight-loss video while enjoying some How To Be A Dad.com science! I had a good laugh, and I hope you will to.

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Wrapping It Up

July 24, 2012

Today's entry has been put up at Fierce Freethinking Fatties and concerns the post I made last week on Fat Folk in the Pagan Community. There's been a lot more discussion since then so head on over to FFF and check it out!

In non-FA/HAES related new…

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It's the Flub

July 22, 2012

When I woke up this morning my stomach was hard, really hard, like I was carrying a stone instead of a human in my womb. Not being a midwife or ob/gyn, I can only assume that Kat was turned in such a way that her back was very firmly pressed up again…

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July 20, 2012

Happy Friday, folks. I wish you peace this weekend, and deep reflection, and if you can find it, joy.

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Fat Folk in the Pagan Community

July 19, 2012

The tagline for this blog is "Respect and Love are for EVERY body". I hold this as a Truth, something deeply important and personal and True for me, and something I wish was True for everyone else. It's not, but we're working on it, us fat activists …

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My bud at ThistleBuds

July 18, 2012

You know what's awesome? Comic books. Star Trek. Star Wars. Lego. Role playing games. Old school video games, like Legend of Zelda for the SNES. I have many friends who share my geeky passions, and luckily for me, one of them also runs an Etsy store …

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FaNA Featured at SheKnows!

July 17, 2012

Guess who's one of She Knows 10 Canadian health and fitness bloggers featured on Monday? That's right, Fat and Not Afraid! Very exciting, though a little odd to be in the same grouping as several obvious weight-loss = health blogs. The post they focu…

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Maternal Healthcare-You're Doin' it Right!

July 16, 2012

A while back during our hospital visit to the gorgeous labour and delivery ward I picked up a small advertisement put out by the British Columbian government on healthy weight in pregnancy. I've taken the time since then to roam through their three p…

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Diet vs. Dieting

July 11, 2012

The apartment has finally achieved normality, as the hubs said the other night, but I still have nowhere to write so posting will be light for the foreseeable future. Thanks for sticking with me!

I want to talk about changing my diet, health at ever…

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Not Dead Just in Flux

July 6, 2012

Thank goodness for Fat Fox's post! It's been a helluva week here since the move. Our apartment is tiny and many of our things are still packed and simply wont be unpacked. We're still figuring out where things are going to fit in the livingroom and a…

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Break Free with Fat Fox

July 3, 2012

I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You're so self-satisfied I don't need you
I got to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free”

Queen- 1984

Over at Fat Heffalump, Kath has written a…

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