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Blog posts November 2013

Plan B Ineffective For Fat Women

November 29, 2013

Thanks to my Facebook feed I found this news story last night and am sharing it with you to raise the alarm; the Plan B or Morning After Pill, an emergency contraceptive available over the counter at the pharmacy here in Canada, and in many other pla…

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Walking In The World

November 20, 2013

Taking a walk is our oldest mode of transportation and despite all of the advances in technology Wet baby footprints on pavementsince we first figured out how to do it it doesn't look like the walk is going anywhere any time soon. Many people use walking as a form of exercise, as …

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November 13, 2013

There are so many kinds of silence. Not just quiet, but silence. The gap between a question and an answer where someone thinks up a quick lie; that sudden lack of noise that signifies the kids are getting into trouble; how it feels when it's 3am an…

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Joy in Play

November 4, 2013

Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of watching my neice for a little while. A big part of why I love being home is spending time with her and my other family members that I've missed so much the last couple of years. She and Gabe are pretty close in…

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Control Freak No More

November 1, 2013

Earlier this week I found myself saying things I never thought I'd say. We've been in the middle of this move, living at my in-laws since the middle of September, Ryan's down in Kitchener and struggling with his new store and all the baggage that cam…

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