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Blog posts February 2013

Lessons in Running #1

February 27, 2013

 Some mornings I walk Gabe to school. Most afternoons I also walk him home. 90% of the time I have Kat with me in her stroller, so we're really just strollin' along. Often Gabe wants to play tag which as you can imagine is difficult with a stroller …

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Giveaway Reminder!

February 25, 2013

Hey there, it's a Monday! Happy nine year anniversary to my wonderful hubby and best friend Ryan. Looking back it's easy to see all the highs and lows, lots of lows, not as many highs, but without all the lows we wouldn't be who we are, so committed …

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6 Months of Squee

February 21, 2013

Today marks the six month anniversary of Katherine's birth. It's hard to believe the little girl sitting so competently in my lap as I type is the same wee bundle of brown hair and wrinkles we brought home from the hospital, but she is. Now a master …

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On the Bucket List: Victoria Goddess Run

February 20, 2013

We've all heard of The Bucket List; that laundry list of things we want to do, see, experience, or otherwise live before we kick the bucket. I've never actually sat down and made one but there are a few things I know are on it:

  • Take the train(s) a…

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"Lifestyle Changes"

February 18, 2013

Usually when I hear the phrase 'lifestyle change' I'm immediately skeptical because it's usually code for dieting. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Herbal Magic, Slim Fast; they're all 'lifestyle changes' that are designed to make you lose weight. Hell,…

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Sugar Highs and Lows

February 15, 2013

Some days I just want to shout "What the HELL!?" at myself. The hair I can handle with enough clips and elastics so I don't look like a Labradoodle, and at least it's not falling out anymore. The boobs I'm learning to deal with, and maybe even even…

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Lovely Lunch Idea

February 13, 2013

I'm terribly sleep deprived at the moment, so head on over to Organized Chaos for a really great idea on how to help your family with the division of responsibility as it comes to feeding the little ones. I love this idea and I hope it takes some of …

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Four inches?!

February 11, 2013

Hi again everyone! Sorry for the blackout last week-Ryan was in Victoria and had my laptop so I was unable to update. It's good to be back and thanks to everyone who's been checking in, leaving comments and has entered the bellydance dvd giveaway. On…

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Move-It Monday and Giveaway!

February 4, 2013

Happy Monday, peeps. I hope your weekend treated you well; we spent a lot of ours looking for a new place to live. Why? Ryan got a promotion and we're moving to Victoria! This will hopefully be the break we need to get everything on track. Over the n…

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Yes I am!

February 2, 2013

I'm aaaalll over this. Why yes, I AM a fat bitch and I love myself. Today. Right now. Take that, haters. I hope you'll join me over at The Nearsighted Owl's for fat bitchy goodness.

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