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M Obama says "I hope I don't mess them up"

October 18, 2011

Every mother's dream is to raise good kids, not even perfect kids or The Best Kids, but good kids. Moms that are celebrities or positions of authority are especially scrutinized by the media for every choice they make, but what about moms who choose to be advocates or activists for children's health? Here's an interesting story from MSNBC about Michelle Obama and what it's like living in the White House with two children on the verge of womanhood.

It must be hard to be a mom in her shoes. Seems like she wants to do well and I think she will.


She seems a little rules-obsessed to me. She should follow her own advice and chill. However I am suprprised she doesn't completely rely on the thinness of her daughters to measure her success. =_+


She doesn't want to mess them up? Then she should never have made their weight a matter of public record and said that they were going to have to watch what they eat. Talk about a blow to your kids' self esteem - you're getting fat, so you aren't good enough till you lose some of that fat (that's something that can stay with a kid for life).
And her "Let's Move" campaign is nothing but bullying fat kids - she's all concerned about what fat kids eat and whether or not they exercise, but it's ok for thin kids to be couch potatoes and eat junk food because thin=healthy and fat=unhealthy? Yeah, not only is she messing up her own kids, she's working on messing up the kids of the rest of the nation too. She needs to mind her own business and work on raising her kids and leave the rest of nation's kids alone.

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