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OFFS Leave the kids alone!

February 9, 2010

So Michelle Obama has unveiled her plan to combat childhood obesity by saying "Let's Move!" (http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/02/09/obama.child.obesity/index.html?hpt=T1 Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?!  Let's move?  What an ablelist statement, first of all.  Secondly, asking parents, teachers and coaches to become MORE involved in their children's health as it relates to weight is ridiculous!  As if parents aren't already watching every bite like hawks.  As if coaches aren't telling the kids on their teams to drop pounds, to work harder, to train more.  As if teacher's aren't already under pressure to implement ridiculous and ineffective food programs.  AS IF, Michelle! As if!  AS IF THERE ISN"T AN ACTUAL EPIDEMIC OF EATING DISORDERS AND LACK OF POSITIVE BODY IMAGE AMONG YOUTH AS YOUNG AS SIX YEARS OLD!!!!

Gah, so sorry for the all caps but gorram this really bugs me.  Just leave the children alone.  LEAVE THEM ALONE.  Let them grow, let them eat, let them run around and play.  Let them be kids!  Let them get enough fuel for their bodies to grow muscles and brain and bone and have energy leftover to learn and love.  Leave them alone, Michelle.  Just leave them alone.

Edited to add I'm not against more farmers markets (yay local economy and fresh food!) or physical activity or even schools promoting health. I DO have a problem with assuming people can buy fresh local food, that anyone can just get up and 'move' and am definitely against the narrow definition of 'health' being given to schools.

I came here via your post on Shakesville. You know, if what you've said, rather than "GET THIN NOW OR YOU'LL BE AN UNHEALTHY SUB-HUMAN WASTE OF SPACE!!!" had been the subtext of what my family, my teachers and pretty much anyone else who mattered to me when I was a kid said to me about my weight, I probably wouldn't have half the messed-up body image or eating habits I have now. I don't think it'll prove to be much different for today's kids—this stuff was damaging in the 80's and 90's and it's still damaging now. It may even have gotten worse.

(By the way, judging from your photo gallery, I think we had a creative writing class together at Algoma U in early 2005. Hi!)


Well hello there! I'm sorry I can't place your face in my head atm, but I checked your your journal. Nifty stuff. Welcome to mine!


Right on!


Thank you for articulating this stuff so well. I am just so frustrated by this piling the crap on.

Not only is there the whole "ignoring kids who are 'overweight' due to medication or other things NOT involving lack of activity or good food" thing but as someone cynical as hell about US handling of bullying, my brain just went: "Oh boy, validation for the bullies! 'Even the Obamas think you're fat, foureyes!'" etc etc ad nauseum add nausea.

Seriously. I still remember vividly due to BMI testing in 3rd or 4th grade PE being told I was fat and being forced to do every activity I hated and was horrible at (sports involving good vision and reflexes!) and derided by the "Coach" and peers. Because my swimming 6 hours a week MINIMUM in warm weather when not at school was 'invisible' so didn't count as active.

I was a fat and lazy glutton. And now more children get to grow up convinced the same damn thing. With "White House Approval" added to the teacher "approval".



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