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Rape Culture and Being Fat

October 15, 2009

From Shakesville: Rape culture 101. What does this have to do with fat acceptance? (STRONG trigger warning, both for the article and for the quote below.)

Rape culture is the objectification of women, which is part of a dehumanizing process that renders consent irrelevant. Rape culture is treating women's bodies like public property. Rape culture is street harassment and groping on public transportation and equating raped women's bodies to a man walking around with valuables hanging out of his pockets. "

If a person's body, whether male or female, is treated as public property, it is publicly available to be shamed, commented on, made fun of, moo-ed at, etc. Especially if that body is different in any way; fat, thin, dis-abled, coloured, tattooed, whatever. As a fat acceptance activist and feminist, I`m constantly reminded that fat IS a feminist issue and that self-confidence and self-acceptance are two keys that can unlock the doors leading out of (some) of the oppression we face on a constant, daily basis, oppression base on our size AND our gender.


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